Extensive Consultation Commences

Friday 21 October 16

Extensive consultation is planned for the remainder of 2016 and early 2017 as the Financial Advice New Zealand Working Group moves into Stage Two of the structured development process.

“As an industry with many participants – all interconnected and influential in the role, strength and outcomes of advice – it is essential that a wide range of views and insights are sought during the consultation process,” says Michael Dowling and Bruce Cortesi, Financial Advice New Zealand Working Group.

“We’ve designed an extensive participation plan, which includes consultation with advisers – both members and those who are not currently a member of an association – adviser groups; product providers; adviser associations; regulators and consumer bodies.”

“This comprehensive cross-section of industry participants will generate wide discussion on how Financial Advice New Zealand can best serve advice, advisers and New Zealanders.”

In-person consultation will also be supported by various online opportunities for those who are unable to attend events.

“To best design Financial Advice New Zealand, we must go wide and deep in the consultation stage. This point has been highly influential in how we structured this most important stage of development – to ensure we cover as much ground as possible, while also allowing for in-depth conversation and consultation on points of detail,” says Dowling and Cortesi.

On concluding the consultation stage, the Financial Advice New Zealand Working Group will begin development of the association’s structure.

“We look forward to what will be a highly informative process with healthy debate across a large variety of insights and views. Don’t be a by-stander – get involved,” says Dowling and Cortesi.

“Any questions, insights and viewpoints welcome. If you can’t make the planned sessions, we welcome you to pick up the phone and give us a call. We want to hear from everyone.”