Kiwis and advice

Thursday 01 December 16

There are countless stories about how advisers have helped Kiwis to achieve their financial goals, and to gain greater knowledge and awareness of their options.

To celebrate the role of advice in the lives of New Zealanders, we thought we’d share some words from advisers’ clients about their experiences. We’ll be posting comments each week, and welcome you to share some words from your clients – email us at

Leecia Burford, Insurance Adviser, Leecia Burford Financial Services
“I would like to thank you so much Leecia not only for your outstanding service to me as your client, but for your genuine caring and support. Finally, someone I can really trust to look after me and my family! You are such a pleasure to liaise with, and I look forward to a long relationship with you and your business.”

“We thought we knew the high-level detail of our existing policies, but clearly, we didn’t! Leecia was extremely thorough (and patient) in reviewing the detail of our existing policies; the result being a well thought through proposal, with several options based on our current stage in life. The process was something we should have gone through ages ago; we now have a significantly more comprehensive insurance portfolio than we did, yet for a similar monthly premium.”

“What I most appreciate about Leecia is her ability to keep things real and cut through the predictable jargon of insurance Q&A to deliver results; she gave me as much time as needed without pushing me into a decision and most importantly we got the right insurances for the right price. Thank goodness for confident, respectful and trust worthy people like Leecia Burford.”

Bruce Patten, Mortgage Adviser, Loan Market
“You guys do a great job and I can always rely on you to manage everything for me, which certainly takes a lot of the worry off my shoulders.”

“A massive thank you for the outstanding service you have provided us with in getting our mortgage. We have raved about you to everyone we know. Honestly just so blown away how efficient and friendly you all are.”

“Bruce, Thanks for your professional help when we moved from Howick to Whitianga, and for arranging Stephen’s loan for him. We would recommend you to any prospective client you may have in the future. “

Onny Faleafa, Insurance Adviser, Nido Group
“Onny is someone who will listen to your requirements and then makes sure he works closely with you to maximise your objective. He is personable, trustworthy, proactive.”

“You know how we never seem to have enough time to really sit down and do all the research required to make sure the medical/health cover or policy we have is the best deal or to make sure it is covering everything we need? Best way I found is to leave it in Onny’s hands, he’s the expert. It’s like having your very own consultant looking after your own interests. And it’s one less thing to have to worry about!”

“Onny looks after my personal and business insurance needs. His attention to detail, and ability to get the best deals is in my opinion second to none. He is friendly and charming and a pleasure to do business with.”

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