Outstanding response – keep it coming

Tuesday 20 December 16

Since commencing the Consultation Process, the Financial Advice New Zealand Working Group has held dozens of discussions with providers and advice partners, and received hundreds of online submissions and Adviser Forum registrations.

“Heading into the holiday break with this high level of input from the industry is incredibly pleasing. The response has been outstanding and we would like to thank everyone for their time and input,” says Michael Dowling and Bruce Cortesi, Financial Advice New Zealand Working Group.

“The sole purpose of the Consultation Process is to listen – to give everyone the opportunity to provide input so that we can collectively reimagine what a representative body needs to do for the future of advice.”

The Consultation Process will recommence in January 2017. The Working Group aims to complete the schedule of 50+ industry partner, provider and adviser group consultation meetings by the end of January. The following ten days will be devoted the Adviser Forums, which will be held nationwide from 31 January to 9 February 2017.

“Some may be waiting for more detail before participating. But here’s the thing – you are the detail,” says Michael and Bruce.

“It’s essential that everyone understands that this is not a merger – Financial Advice New Zealand will be a completely new body. What advisers and the industry tell us during this stage is the detail that will shape what Financial Advice New Zealand does and how it does it. So if you haven’t already, now’s the time to get involved.”

“We’re already seeing some key patterns emerge. Amongst a great number of themes, advisers are telling us that Financial Advice New Zealand needs to demonstrate to the public that advisers offer good value to clients; and to provide a strong voice to product providers and the regulators; and to provide strategic planning ideas to introduce new advisers to the industry.”

Advisers and industry partners can find out more, contribute to regular surveys (updated fortnightly) and register for the Adviser Forums at financialadvicenewzealand.co.nz.